Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Wish

Twenty Years ago,,
Today, I get up from the others world. go to new world more crowded... I'm feeling sad in loneliness.. One day, two days, three days, and until now I have learned.. and will always learn from the world and everything in it.. everything that Allah has created..
In future, I trust Allah will give me opportunities to me.. And because that I'll get success with my family.... the big family and my little family..
Ya Allah,, I wish, I could be better person with everything good personality to YOU and everyone who love me.... I believe with my dreams,,, but It be must equipped with praying, and doing the best..
So thank you so much for everyone who have helped me,, And I always need your help... Including, need your smile if I get success..  this for you and the others..
believe, try, pray and let it make happen........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Agbers dan prestasinya... hahha sama kebusukannya juga

Assalamualaikum teman temon,,
sore ini (saat mulai ngetik) gue aja neh anak agb yang lagi OL.. Pasti yang lain banyakan lagi kuliah Bicil ama ucil,,, eh maaf kepembis itu... hahha *ga ngerti mana yang lucunya
yaudah gasah mbhas itu, mon,, (baca:agbers). Tadi gue keujanan loch, n jadi dingin aja, trus gue balik dah,, hahha mbolos gitu.. hehehe
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