Monday, May 30, 2011

How to keep your laptop battery

Just share,
This just a little way for keep your laptop battery from leakage.
If you will start up your laptop, I suggest you to don't remove the battery from your laptop. Many people said the battery will be leak if it doesn't remove from the laptop. Actually, Today, the brand of laptop has achieved modern technology and I think they have modern battery that can control the electric input to laptop. It will automatic stop the process if the battery has been full up and continuing the electric to the program. And you know, your laptop will be direct off and stopping all programs when suddenly the power electric was off because there is no battery on the laptop. 

You should waiting for 5 minutes for your laptop adapted with stress and flow of electric and then you start on laptop. Actually, When will be close the program. When the laptop has been off, waiting for 5 minutes to the same process and then stop charging. 

Hm, If you was opening a little program when the battery has been full maybe you should stop the charging process.

by: My lovely laptop

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Speak Up, Go Journalism

Hi, today was tiring day, but happy
Finally, I've been MC on 1st Just 2011, with Mrs. Lena

my batic by Wiggo, my shoes by Nurjaman, hehe
This event was presented by Department of Communication and Information BEM FEM.
It was consisted of two great events, there are training and then seminar of journalistic on May 21th and 28th.
opening... Rongnyet (Ronggeng Nyentrik) by Coast Tari FEM

1st Session " The Strength of Journalism " #part one
All about mass media, by Harian Seputar Indonesia

Moderator: Mohamad Anzhar
speakers: Djaka Susila "Mr. Jek" and ... (forget)
Quote by Mr. Jek "the first is desire and then abilty"
and I was bored for a while.

2nd Session " The Strength of Journalism " #part two
All about electronic media.

Quote by Mr. Suryopratomo "Don't stop for writing"
by Mrs. Meutya Hafid "Don't kill the positive thinking of people with the news even make them be apathetic"
Moderator: Prabu Revolusi
Speakers: Suryopratomo and Meutya Hafid
Closing by Accoulogy
song: Love by Michael buble and Ku bahagia by Sherina


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Join 2011

Finally, this is another one of journalistic event.
Presented by MES SES-C FEM IPB.
And, I'll be MC again...

more information here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st Just!

1st Just! Journalistic Seminar Training
Find out your imagination, be creative, and grab an euphoria with campus journalism.

I'll be MC on this event with Mrs. Lena. I wish will be great.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Femily Day

FEMily day 2011
“My FEM, Your FEM, the one, FEM for All”
The event is one of series in diesnatalis 10th FEM (Faculty of Economic and Management) that headed by Akhmad Raihan Ramadhana (AGB 46). It has been held on May 15th 2011 in Baranang Siang Campus.

Actually it was not only made me happy but also nervous because I must be main actor on theater by Agribusiness. Firstly, I was been nervous on the stage, but after I adapted, that’s made me happy because of the laugh by the others. But, it was not enough,I has been shame to everybody because have a role as Suad.
On theater I’m as Mr. Saud who lived in betawi and has a wife. She is fatimah who was played by Mega.

Each of department must send team for creative competition. And the winner of the competition is department of economics sains. Moreover, there are balloon dancing, information chain, tug of war, and futsal.

The agbers just bring smile after this event. We were went without trophy. Hehehe, But the more important is we got happiness in there with our family in Faculty of Economic and Management

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Be MC and Moderator on Kaisar II

I've been master of ceremony and moderator on Kaisar (Kajian Ekonomi Syariah). Actually it's not first, but I'm still nervous standing on front.. hehe...


 The book is "ECONOM".  It's a novel that combined with sharia economics. How could you read it with enjoy and easy thinking. 
"Sharia Economics not only a system but also an attitude"

Let's buy it...
ECONOM "Pengenalan Ekonomi Syariah"
 Only: 25.000,00 IDR
on Usman SES-C

Monday, May 9, 2011

Be Hello Kitty

May 7th 2011, On 11.19 pm.
Be Hello Kitty!!!
Begin bad mood, Finally good mood...
Today, I was went to SMAN 10 Bogor . *what have you done??
I’m join on Sharia Economics Goes to School be Master of Ceremony double with logistic and transportation.
It’s so bad condition and situation because something.
“Can you say, thank you, help me, or sorry?”, actually it was what I got and I really want to say it. Hemm...
Next part
 What the hell with her? She was increased the cost creating shoes... What could I do after that?
See tomorrow, if the product will be good, maybe I’ll calculate anymore But if any product with a little of defect, Hmm I want find more shoe creator.

Finally tonight, I’ve studied 1st business quantity method  with mada felista and rini fitiriani.
That’s nice... I was taking a picture when we studied... hehhe
Be hello kitty by Mada’s pink kitty...
Hmm, so cute with a big pink hello kitty shoes and hello kitty dolls...  

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Be Entrepreneur

Writing at 07.07 am. on Friday, 29th April 2011. 

Hi guys...
Yesterday, I saw IPB Entrepreneur Day.  It’s so interested because there are many creativity programs from students. The event was being held on 27 until 29 in May 2011, present by Student Affairs Directorate.

 The event consists of four programs, such as research program, technology program, community development program, and entrepreneur program. The programs are called PKM-P, PKM-T, PKM-M, and PKM-K that consist of three until five members in each program. 

Actually, I was not only seeing the program but also eating the tester. That’s nice, hahhaha...
In there, there are many things such as foods, games, clothing, fishes, etc.
Wow I amazed to some program, such as pinhole camera, automatic switch, bean opening machine, shar-e game, barefoot food, pineapple and reed juice, etc.  


3rd May 2011 0n 22.36
It’s difference than yesterday. Actually today I got many things.
Hmm, OK let tell one by one.
Firstly, I was singing together with Diaz and Winny before agribusiness non food class. It was so nice.
* That's bad idea
Secondly, in the afternoon. I, Mega and Nurma were taking a picture with rector’s car when we found a small business for our task.* 

Suddenly, we so excited * because the Vice President of Faculty of Economic and Management came out from the office and gave us a little smile. Do you know? Mega said, “Wait Sir, We are taking a picture”. *http://www.emocutez.comHahaha, and after that we already gone.

Thirdly, Sharia Economics Student-Club members was taking a picture at Rectorate square. Photography by Nobita. 

One... two... three...
Nged nged nged toreng toreng *"alay" detected

Monday, May 2, 2011

Strain Day

May, 3rd 2011. at 00.05.
Hi, good night everybody,,
Oh, today is strain day from me..
Yeah, actually, I just recently send my task to lecturer on 00.00 a.m. And you know, that’s deadline for sending. Zzzz... W.o.w it’s so amazing.

The problems didn’t about I was late send the task cause my laziness.  Hahaha, but Actually I’ve finished it one hour before *that’s same you’re lazy vic.. heuh. The main problem was my credit modem has been empty. So, the program be slowly. 
I seem have a panda eyes now. Huuhh...
Moreover, today I lost my jacket, my beloved jacket. Owh what a pity I. 
Today, Actually it is so nice because mega treat me in "nasi kucing mendoan" with "sambel" in her birthday

Today, mommy hamster gave me a cute ribbon from plastic. That was mean she has forgive me. 

Owh,, it’s time to sleep, Actually today I’ll go early on 07.00 a.m.
The end at 00.41 a.m. I hope, I won’t oversleep tomorrow.
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